INM Swimming

The Inner North/Moreland Division Swimming will be held on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  The event will be held the Northcote Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Northcote.

Students will be selected according to the times you provide.  A maximum of 2 students from the Brunswick District can be selected for each event.  Students from one school can also form a relay team of 4 people to compete in the freestyle and medley relay.

Student Supervision at the Event

Individual schools will have different arrangements regarding if a teacher will be attending to supervise children.  Please check these details with your school’s district representative. However, historically school’s have not provided supervision at this event, and parents will be required to attend for their child to compete.

If you would like your child to compete in this event, please complete the following nomination form.  Please take note of the nomination process as outlined on this form.  You will be sent a confirmation email upon successful completion of the form.

Event Program

To be announced

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