General Information

Division Nominations

Nominations are open now for AFL, soccer, basketball, and netball.  This year all nominations are to be done online through the School Sport Victoria website.

Age Groupings: What age group will I participate in?

For the purposes of all School Sport Victoria (SSV) events, including district events, a child’s age is determined by the age they are turning on their birthday, in the year of that event.

For example: If my birthday was on December 31 and I was turning 12 years old in 2015, I would be competing in the 12 year old age group for the entire year of 2015.

The table below provides an alternative explanation.

Age Groups

10 years and below

11 year old

12 and 13 year old

Year of birth

2005 or after


2003 or earlier

District Representatives

These are the people to contact regarding BDPSSA events at your school:

Brunswick East Primary School:             Peter Hocking
Brunswick South West Primary School:  Carly Rilen
Brunswick South Primary School:           Rachel Harris
Brunswick North West Primary School:   Emma Hill
Brunswick North Primary School:            Stuart Bracecamp
St Margaret Marys’ Primary School:        David Kahonoff
St Joseph’s Primary School:                   Caswyn McCann

School Sport Victoria (SSV)

School Sport Victoria is the organisation that is responsible for representative sport in primary and secondary schools in Victoria.  This body sets down guidelines (such as the age groupings, cross country distances, etc) that schools use for events that act as trial events for SSV events, such as the athletics and cross country. The SSV is arranged in regions, divisions and districts.

If you would like to know more about the SSV structure as it relates specifically to the BDPSSA, click on the link below.

SSV structure




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